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The Lithuanian nobility, which ruled and defended the state, formed more than 600 years ago. The Lithuanian Society of Nobility (LBD) operated in 1928-1940. The Lithuanian Royal Union of Nobility, restored on the basis of the Statute, is a full-fledged continuation of the LBD tradition.

  2020-10-10 Due to the escalation of the Covid-19 situation, the meeting took place via a virtual conference. In the photo, members of the Senate gather

  At the sixth meeting of the Senate of the Lithuanian Royal Union of Nobility

  1. The regulations for awarding the title of Honorary Noble have been approved.
  2. Regulations of the Court of Honor have been approved.
  3. Regarding the adjustment and approval of legitimation fees, the distribution of entrance fees within LBKS was considered.
  4. Approval of the Rules of Procedure of the Audit Commission due to the considered amendments was postponed to the next meeting of the Senate.
  5. Sigitas Dobilinskas, a member of the LRUN Western Lithuania Branch, has been confirmed as the Chancellor of LBKS.

 2020-08-23 Commemorating the anniversary of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, the members of LRUN joined almost 50,000 citizens and residents of Lithuania in the 33-kilometre live chain "Freedom Road to Belarus", stretching from the Vilnius Cathedral all the way to the border with Belarus at Medininkai.
This event was a show of solidarity with the people of Belarus in their struggle against the oppresive dictatorship of Aliaxander Lukashenka and in their yearning for freedom and for their European future.
The members of LRUN were positioned right at the border with Belarus. They bore Lithuanian and Belarusian flags, as well as the flags of their family coats of arms.

Youtube video of the event, filmed by Evaldas Musteikis

To become a member of the Lithuanian Royal Union of Nobility (LRUN), an individual needs to be legitimized as a descendant of a noble family of Lithuania.


To be a true member of the LRUN is eligible only the legitimized noble of Lithuania. To be legitimized may a citizen of the Republic of Lithuania or any other country being a direct descendant of nobility of the Kingdom of Lithuania or of the ones residing in Lithuania up till the year of 1918 of male or female line age and being of age 18.

The right to the inheritance of the nobility do not possess the descendants of persons whose nobility was conferred after the 1773 partition of Lithuania for their merits to czar’s occupational regime. A legitimized noble male has the right to confer the nobility to his lawful wife and to his children born in the lawful wedlock. The right to transfer the nobility to her children the noble mother has if her nobility was granted after her ancestors. When a marriage is dissolved, the former wife of the noble looses her right to pass the noble status to her children born in other wedlock.

2019-12-16 One of the partners of the Lithuanian Royal Union of Nobility was honored at the Lithuanian National Gallery - the director of the Polish Institute in Vilnius, the first adviser of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in the Republic of Lithuania, Mr. Marcin Łapczyński.

Taking into account the strategically significant political, cultural, and historical partnership between Lithuania and Poland and the active cooperation of the Polish Institute in Vilnius with the Lithuanian Royal Union of Nobility, Mr. M. Łapczyński was awarded the title of Honorary Member of the Lithuanian Royal Union of Nobility, according to the Decree # 2019-03.


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