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The Lithuanian nobility, which ruled and defended the state, formed more than 600 years ago. The Lithuanian Society of Nobility (LBD) operated in 1928-1940. The Lithuanian Royal Union of Nobility, restored on the basis of the Statute, is a full-fledged continuation of the LBD tradition.

2020 February 15 at the Senate meeting:

  • A working group was set up for the release of the book "Lithuanian nobility" II of the encyclopedic publication: Rimantas Stukas (Head), Perlis Vaisieta, Aura Bartaševičienė, Dalia Teišerskyte, Leon Peleckis Kaktavičius, G. Šimeliūnienė;
  • it was decided to allow the establishment of the LBKS branches in the USA.

2019 June 5th

in the State Enterprise Centre of Registers in Vilnius was registered the association Lithuanian Royal Union of Nobility.
Address - Konstitucijos pr. 14, Vilnius, under code JAR - 305181447


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