"Lithuanian Royal Union of Nobility" is juridical person, have its seal, flag and other symbolic" is affirmed in the statute of LRUN, in the first congress of LRUN and in the common regulations. The statute of LRUN was adopted on April 23, 1994 at the first LRUN congress. The flag of LRUN is sky-blue colour, 1,5x1 m in size fabric with the gold edges. The gold royal crown and the sign (turned over letter M with small cross above) of king Mindaugas are embroidered in the centre of flag. The circle, consisted of silver written letters "LIETUVOS BAJORŲ KARALIŠKOJI SĄJUNGA" (Lithuanian Royal Union of Nobility), three oak leaves and two acorns surround these two elements: flag and crown.

The author and the painter of project is sculptor professor Dr. Konstantinas Bogdanas; the embroidering is made by folks artist, teacher Virginija Kasperavičiūtė.

Description by author Dr. Konstantinas Bogdanas.
Translated by A.Musteikiene

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