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The Lithuanian nobility, which ruled and defended the state, formed more than 600 years ago. The Lithuanian Society of Nobility (LBD) operated in 1928-1940. The Lithuanian Royal Union of Nobility, restored on the basis of the Statute, is a full-fledged continuation of the LBD tradition.

  2020-10-10 Due to the escalation of the Covid-19 situation, the meeting took place via a virtual conference. In the photo, members of the Senate gather

  At the sixth meeting of the Senate of the Lithuanian Royal Union of Nobility

  1. The regulations for awarding the title of Honorary Noble have been approved.
  2. Regulations of the Court of Honor have been approved.
  3. Regarding the adjustment and approval of legitimation fees, the distribution of entrance fees within LBKS was considered.
  4. Approval of the Rules of Procedure of the Audit Commission due to the considered amendments was postponed to the next meeting of the Senate.
  5. Sigitas Dobilinskas, a member of the LRUN Western Lithuania Branch, has been confirmed as the Chancellor of LBKS.

 2020-08-23 Commemorating the anniversary of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, the members of LRUN joined almost 50,000 citizens and residents of Lithuania in the 33-kilometre live chain "Freedom Road to Belarus", stretching from the Vilnius Cathedral all the way to the border with Belarus at Medininkai.
This event was a show of solidarity with the people of Belarus in their struggle against the oppresive dictatorship of Aliaxander Lukashenka and in their yearning for freedom and for their European future.
The members of LRUN were positioned right at the border with Belarus. They bore Lithuanian and Belarusian flags, as well as the flags of their family coats of arms.

Youtube video of the event, filmed by Evaldas Musteikis

Žodžiai U. Nasvytytės
Muzika K. Mašanausko 
Legendom puošiam Mindaugo karūną,
Šlove vadinam Vytauto laikus.
Bajorai ant žirgų skubėjo
Mūšin į Žalgirio laukus.

Jie Lietuvą krauju apgynė,
Lai bus per amžius jiems šlovė !
Šiandieną į gretas sustoję,
Po herbo ženklo vėliava
Senolių priesaiką kartojam -
Tiesa, Orumas ir Garbė.
Mes šių dienų bajorai
Pasekim pavyzdžiu tėvų
Prisiekę puošt darbais Tėvynę
Pridėję ranką prie širdies
Mes Lietuvai žodžius kartojam -
Tiesa, Orumas ir Garbė.
 Himnas (spausti)

Esame dėkingi:

Undinei Nasvytytei - teksto autorei, šviesios atminties LBKS Garbės Vadei, poetei,
Kiprui Mašanauskui - muzikos autoriui, kompozitoriui, LBKS nariui,
Jievaltui Jasinskui - kompozitoriui, aranžuotės autoriui,
Lietuvos kariuomenės orkestrui (kapelmeisteris - mjr. Egidijus Ališauskas),
Valstybiniam dainų ir šokių ansambliui LIETUVA (vyr. chormeisteris - Algimantas Kriūnas),
Operos solistams: Onai Kolobovaitei (sopranas), Egidijui Bavikinui (tenoras).


A person wishing to legitimize and be admitted to the union must pay the following fees:

For newly legitimized members (includes admission, legitimation, Nobility Recognition Act production, and current year membership fees):

The total fee is € 145 - for employees.
Discount for retirees, students and schoolchildren: a total fee of € 90.

A € 30 legitimation fee is paid first. After the decision of the Legitimation Council, the legitimized members are approved by the nearest Senate. After approval, the minutes of the Legitimation Council are drawn up and the legitimized members are published on the LBKS website.

Upon learning that a person is legitimate, the remaining € 115 (€ 60 for pensioners and students) for the production of the Nobility Recognition Act, admission and current year membership fees in their home countries must be paid immediately.

Legitimate members pay an annual membership fee to their association or union according to the fee set therein.

If in doubt, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call tel. 8 614 15 560 to the treasurer Laima Bartkiene.


I.J. Krashevsky's book "Lithuania: Ancient History, Law, Language, Faith, Customs, Songs, Sayings, Etc." representation took place in Vilnius City Hall. The historian prof. Egidijus Aleksandravičius, ethnologist prof. Libertas Klimka, editor Ieva Puluikienė and translator Kazys Uscila. The evening was crowned by a concert by NIKO (artistic director Gediminas Gelgota) and the piano was played by Emilis Šarinskas.

The publication of the book was initiated by the management of LBKS, the partner is the Polish Institute. The event was to mark Press Day.


A solemn presentation of the encyclopedic publication "Lietuvos bajorai" (Lithuanian Nobility), Volume II, took place at Vilnius City Hall.
The 246 pages of the book contain historical and biographical data, coats of arms, genealogical trees, diagrams and historical photographs of the descendants of the 56 nobility of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania (GDL).

During the event about the mission of the Lithuanian nobility, a special report on the links between the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and Lithuania and Ukraine was made by a member of the National Security Committee of the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania, military historian prof. Valdas Rakutis.

The artistic part of the program was supplemented by the International Men's Choir "Unia", which is based on the resistance of the Lukashenko regime in Belarus, as well as singers of Ukrainian and Lithuanian origin (artistic director - Pavel Gonca). A bouquet of classical music was presented to the nobility by the performance of the representatives of the National M. K. Čiurlionis School of Arts - the winner of international competitions was presented by Giedra Julija Tutkutė (9th grade, harp), Sofija Rosinaitė (5th grade, cello), concertmaster Emilija Rosžemaitė


On July 17, 2021, the official delegation of the leadership of the Lithuanian Royal Union of Nobility (LRUN was represented by the Commander Perlis Vaisieta, Marshal Stasys Knystautas, Chancellor Sigitas Dobilinskas) visited the Battlefield of Grunwald in Grunwald (Poland) and took part in the commemoration of the 611-th anniversary of the largest battle in the history of medieval Europe.

After the Polish and Lithuanian national anthems were sung, a solemn commemoration took place at the main monument to the Knights of Grunwald, during which the representatives of government and non-government organizations from Lithuania and Poland listened to congratulatory addresses by the Marshal of the Warmia and Mazury Voivodeship, Mr. Gustav Marek Brzezin, the ambassador of the Republic of Lithuania in Poland, Mr. Eduard Borisov, and the Vivoda of Warmia and Mazury Mr. Artur Chojecki.

Representatives of the delegations laid memorial wreaths at the main monument of Grunwald. Likewise, the official program of the event also included the laying of memorial wreaths at the Lithuanian Vytis monument “From the Lithuanian Nation for a Common Victory” erected last year by the LRUN and the Lithuanian Armed Forces. Together with the leaders of the Warmia and Mazury Voivodeship and the Lithuanian Ambassador to Poland, the wreaths were laid by the leadership of LRUN and the of the Armed Forces of Lithuania.

During the official reception, which took place at the Grunwald Museum of History, special gifts from the LRUN were presented to the Marshal of Warmia and Mazury, Gustav Marek Brzezin, the director of the Grunwald Museum, Dr. Szymon Drej and to the Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania in Poland - replica of the 16-17th century ceramic tile bearing the coat of arms of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, whose restoration was funded by LRUN based on the original fragments found in the Lower Castle of the Palace of the Rulers of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

Translation copied from https://www.lrun.org/LRUN


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